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    BITSTREAM: Handle transform size and motion vectors more logically for non-420. · 7557a65d
    Alex Converse authored
    This breaks the profile 1 bitstream.
    Don't force non420 uv transform size to 1/4 y size. In the 4:2:0 case the
    chroma corresponding to a luma block is 1/4 its size. In the 4:4:4 case
    chroma and luma planes are the same size. Disallowing larger transforms
    can result in a loss of compression efficiency and is inconsistent.
    For sub-8x8 blocks only average corresponding motion vectors.
    4:2:0 and profile 0 behavior remains unchanged.
    Change-Id: I560ae07183012c6734dd1860ea54ed6f62f3cae8
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