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    Add a new experiment "rect-intra-pred". · 766a389b
    Urvang Joshi authored
    Earlier, intra prediction for rectangular blocks was performed by
    running two steps of prediction on square sub-blocks.
    With this experiment, we do proper intra prediction for rectangular
    blocks. This ensures that we make use of all available neighboring
    pixels especially for directional modes. For this, all the intra
    predictors were updated to work with rectangular transform block sizes.
    Performance improvements are small but free of cost:
    All Intra frames:
    lowres: -0.126
    midres: -0.154
    Video Overall:
    lowres: -0.043
    midres: -0.100
    [Could not get AWCY results due to a backlog.]
    Change-Id: I7936e91b171d5c246cb0a4ea470a981a013892e6
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