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    Speed up one-sided compound mode (ext-comp-refs) · 77fb5be1
    Zoe Liu authored
    One-sided compound ref prediction is used only when all reference
    frames are one-sided.
    This patch has demonstrated an encoder speedup of ~28%.
    Using the following configure setups, the coding performance has been
    dropped on Google test sets (50 frames) in BDRate by ~0.2% for lowres
    and by ~0.1% for midres (Corresponding performance impact should be
    smaller on AWCY):
    --enable-experimental --disable-convolve-round --disable-ext-partition
    --disable-ext-partition-types --disable-txk-sel --disable-txm
    Change-Id: I585bbffb2f8d154e8f52a1e79a84eff8bb4a471d
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