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    Add av1_convolve_2d_facade · 7927a97d
    Angie Chiang authored
    When convolve_round is on, av1_convolve_2d_facade will be used for
    interpolation rather than av1_convolve. Will remove the experiment
    code of convolve_round experiment from av1_convolve in another CL.
    So far we use 4-bit rounding in the intermediate stage on top of using
    post rounding for compound mode after the last stage.
    This will give us roughly 0.45% gain on lowres , 0.39% on midres and
    roughly 0.6-0.7% on hdres
    Altogether, is 1.15% on lowresm, 0.74% on midres and roughly 1.7-1.8% on
    Note that there no restriction usage of 12-tap filter in the CL.
    Adding that, we will lose roughly 0.1% again on lowres.
    Change-Id: I6332e1d888e28a3b3ddc29711817d66e52cb5cdf
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