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    Save right # of lines in save_deblock_boundary_lines · 7a7fffef
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    The "src_height" computed in save_deblock_boundary_lines didn't match
    the one in save_tile_row_boundary_lines, which meant that the wrapper
    function assumed the deblock code was saving some lines and that code
    thought that save_cdef_boundary_lines would do it.
    This patch fixes up the logic to match, and also completely gets rid
    of the lines_to_save variable (after all, bad things would happen if
    lines_to_save was 1 because we'll still read both boundary lines
    The tile height gets rounded up to a multiple of 8 luma pixels in
    save_tile_row_boundary_lines to avoid nasty corner cases. This will
    only have any effect for rows at the bottom of the frame (where
    av1_get_tile_rect clips to the frame boundary).
    Change-Id: I55adb53fa8ba9c7f97fb2fd5b328a3f2f5065464
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