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    Rough merge of master into experimental · 7b8dfcb5
    John Koleszar authored
    Creates a merge between the master and experimental branches. Fixes a
    number of conflicts in the build system to allow *either* VP8 or VP9
    to be built. Specifically either:
      $ configure --disable-vp9 $ configure --disable-vp8
    VP9 still exports its symbols and files as VP8, so that will be
    resolved in the next commit.
    Unit tests are broken in VP9, but this isn't a new issue. They are
    fixed upstream on origin/experimental as of this writing, but rebasing
    this merge proved difficult, so will tackle that in a second merge
    Change-Id: I2b7d852c18efd58d1ebc621b8041fe0260442c21
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