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    add new experiment loopfiltering_across_tiles_ext · 7bb501d5
    Lei authored
    based on the latest discussion in the HW working group about how loop
    filter should be integrated with tiles, the following decisions have been
    1. two seperated flages should be added for
    loop_filter_across_tiles_enabled for horizontal tile boundary and
    vertical tile boundary.
    2. encoder and decoder should only check these two flags to determine
    whether loop filtering (including deblocking, CDEF and loop restoration)
    should cross tile boundaries (vertical and/or horizontal) or not
    regardless the horitontal depepdent tile flag.
    This change list implemented the support for two seperated
    loop_filter_across_tiles_enabled flags for vertical and horizontal tile
    boundaries. The new experiment is disabled as default before it is
    Change-Id: I814377947517f5419c08b004a3b71b950d01eadd
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