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    Increase chrow row alignment to 16 bytes. · 7d1b37cd
    Timothy B. Terriberry authored
    This is done by expanding luma row to 32-byte alignment, since
     there is currently a bunch of code that assumes that
     uv_stride == y_stride/2 (see, for example, vp8/common/postproc.c,
     common/reconinter.c, common/arm/neon/recon16x16mb_neon.asm,
     encoder/temporal_filter.c, and possibly others; I haven't done a
     full audit).
    It also uses replaces the hardcoded border of 16 in a number of
     encoder buffers with VP8BORDERINPIXELS (currently 32), as the
     chroma rows start at an offset of border/2.
    Together, these two changes have the nice advantage that simply
     dumping the frame memory as a contiguous blob produces a valid,
     if padded, image.
    Change-Id: Iaf5ea722ae5c82d5daa50f6e2dade9de753f1003