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    Store and use single_newmv correctly · 5f4f738e
    Yunqing Wang authored
    The motion vector search result at single reference frame mode is stored
    for later use. There are some issues in current implementation.
    1. single_newmv is only stored for 1st ref_mv, but not for other ref_mv
    values tested.
    2. If single reference mode is skipped and not tested, single_newmv is
    not available.
    3. Interintra mode always use single_newmv as its MV, which may not be
    available as mentioned above.
    To fix it, we store single_newmv for every ref_mv tested. In interintra
    mode, if single_newmv is not available, do motion search to find a MV.
    This was revealed by a motion vector unit test failure.
    Change-Id: I3e690587644d4c8c31337f37380b796a3d71a3f6
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