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    Make ext-inter use new rectangular intra predictor · 839467f4
    David Barker authored
    Now that https://aomedia-review.googlesource.com/#/c/6729/
    has been merged, build_intra_predictors_for_interintra() is
    now redundant, so replace it by a direct call to
    av1_predict_intra_block() and remove the old function.
    Reset rect_interintra back to 1.
    To do this, we need to make the intra predictor take a
    BLOCK_SIZE instead of a TX_SIZE. This is because we need to
    be able to predict 32x64 and 64x32 blocks, but there is no
    TX_32X64 or TX_64X32.
    No effect on output or performance.
    Change-Id: I8c185a211c97a85012cc54ec293c785a693608ed