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    New interpolation experiment · 85514c40
    Debargha Mukherjee authored
    Adds a new interpolation experiment.
    Improves entropy coding to send the filter type only if
    the motion vectors have subpel components.
    Adds one new 8-tap smooth filter, and tweaks the others.
    derflr: +0.695%
    hevcmr: +0.305%
    About 5% encode slowdown. No visible impact for decoding.
    Also makes the interpolation framework flexible to support both
    strictly interpolating filters as well as non-interpolating
    filters that filter integer offsets. This is mainly for
    further experimentation and if not found useful the code will
    be removed.
    Change-Id: I8db9cde56ca916be771fe54a130d608bf10786e6
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