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    Reduce the bandwidth requirement of sub8x8 chroma obmc · 85c7e906
    Yue Chen authored
    HW does not support < 4x4 prediction. To limit the bandwidth
    requirement, for small blocks, only blend with neighbors from one
    side. If block-size of current plane is 4x4 or 8x4, the above
    neighbor will be skipped. If it is 4x8, the left neighbor (dir = 1)
    will be skipped.
    This change will keep the bandwidth requirement of OBMC not more
    than what is required by normal compound inter modes.
    Loss of gain (PSNR-Y/PSNR-Cb/PSNR-Cr/CIEDE2000)
    AWCY HL: 0.05/0.09/0.14/0.04
    AWCY LL: 0.06/0.07/0.10/0.12
    Change-Id: I3854afc69c3014da99bde4b19bb726e4c077d59e
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