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    vpn common -> implicit segmentation · 91325b8f
    Jim Bankoski authored
    This introduces base functions for introducing implicit segmentation.
    The code that actually stores the results to the segment map isn't
    here yet.   This just prints out the segmentation map results
    if you call it.
    Uses connected component labeling technique on mbmi info so that only
    if 2 mbs are horizontally or vertically touching do they get the same
    vp8next - plumbing for rotation
    code to produce taps for rotation ( tapify. py ),  code
    for predicting using rotation ( predict_rotated.c ) ,  code
    for finding the best rotation find_rotation.c.
    didn't checkin code that uses this in the codec.   still work
    in progress.
    Fixed copyright notice
    Change-Id: I450c13cfa41ab2fcb699f3897760370b4935fdf8
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