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    Abstract selection of coef band. · 9255ad10
    Paul Wilkins authored
    This patch abstracts the selection of the coefficient band
    context into a function as a precursor to further experiments
    with the coefficient context.
    It also removes the large per TX size coefficient band structures
    and uses a single matrix for all block sizes within the test function.
    This may have an impact on quality (results to follow) but is only an
    intermediate step in the process of redefining the context. Also the
    quality impact will be larger initially because the default tables will
    be out of step with the new banding.
    In particular the 4x4 will in this case only use 7 bands. If needed we
    can add back block size dependency localized within the function, but
    this can follow on after the other changes to the definition of the
    Change-Id: Id7009c2f4f9bb1d02b861af85fd8223d4285bde5
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