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    Simplification of MVref search. · 92e8a3f5
    Paul Wilkins authored
    As we are no longer able to sort the candidate
    mvrefs in both encoder and decode and given
    that the cost of explicit signalling has proved
    prohibitive, it no longer makes sense to find more
    than 2 candidates.
    This patch:
    Modifies and simplifies add_candidate_mv()
    Removes the forced addition of a 0 vector in the
    MAX_MV_REF_CANDIDATES-1 position (in preparation
    to reducing MAX_MV_REF_CANDIDATES to 2).
    Re-orders the addition of candidates slightly.
    This actually gives small gains (circa 0.2% on std-hd)
    A subsequent patch will remove NEW_MVREF experiment,
    reduce MAX_MV_REF_CANDIDATES to 2 and remove distance
    weights as these are implicit now in the order.
    Change-Id: I3dbe1a6f8a1a18b3c108257069c22a1141a207a4