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    Allow tile_rows/tile_cols to not be a power of 2 · 940942ba
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    The example bitstream in bug 710 shows what might go on. This has a
    frame with mi_cols=540 and log2_tile_cols=3. But 540/8 = 67.5, which
    gets rounded up to give a tile_width of 5*16=80. However, 540/80 =
    6.75 which means that the frame finishes somewhere in the middle of
    tile 7 (and tile 8 is completely empty).
    This patch clamps tile_rows/tile_cols to ensure that can't happen. The
    bitstream still signals ceil(log2(tile_<rows/cols>)) so there's no
    change there.
    Change-Id: Idfad658ef59cf71674100f5e74bd53dd192c6a84
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