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    [optimize-b] Use a greedy search method · 97f56645
    Dake He authored
    The greedy search method improves the BD-rate over the baseline by
    more than 0.2% for lowres test set. Larger gain 0.55% is observed for hdres test set.
    [2017.04.06] Cleanup to remove redundant computation. On a local linux
    machine, the greedy method is now faster than the trellis method in
    encoding the first 100 frames of foreman_cif. However, the BD-rate seems
    to become smaller due to the recent changes to the codebase.
    [2017.04.06-2] Style changes to meet the requirements.
    remove "greedy-optimize-b" in configure
    [2017.04.10] Move the changes under the macro USE_GREEDY_OPTIMIZE_B
    [2017.04.11] Adjust rdmult to accommodate CpuSpeedTest
    [2017.04.12] Set USE_GREEDY_OPTIMIZE_B to 0 at the request of debargha@.
    [2017.04.13] Move greedy implementation of optimize_b into a separate
    function with the same name (selected by USE_GREEDY_OPTIMIZE_B, default
    is 0)
    Change-Id: Ic15534f8d696d5f02e8f2e3e9f08b52e41e9efd2