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    Adds hybrid transform · 9824230f
    Jingning Han authored
    Adds ADST/DCT hybrid transform coding for Intra4x4 mode.
    The ADST is applied to directions in which the boundary
    pixels are used for prediction, while DCT applied to
    directions without corresponding boundary prediction.
    Adds enum TX_TYPE in b_mode_infor to indicate the transform
    type used.
    Make coding style consistent with google style.
    Fixed the commented issues.
    Experimental results in terms of bit-rate reduction:
    derf:   0.731%
    yt:     0.982%
    std-hd: 0.459%
    hd:     0.725%
    Will be looking at 8x8 transforms next.
    Change-Id: I46dbd7b80dbb3e8856e9c34fbc58cb3764a12fcf