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    Replace default counts with default probs. · 99c4b1ee
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Replace vp9_kf_default_bmode_counts structure with
    direct default probabilities. The probability structure is
    smaller and it removes the need to specify in the bitstream
    how to convert the counts to probabilities.
    Note that I have concerns still about the size and value of
    the large intra mode context. This may cause problems for
    HW but it also means we rely heavily on reverse update as
    forwards update of a structure this size is problematic. I
    intend to review this more generally in the next few days to
    see if we can come up with a competitive solution that does
    not rely on such a large context.
    Change-Id: I0a36071079d5d26a57ab0e9fbf91af4199aa7984