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    Further work on extended Q range. · 99df6bb6
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Fixed bug in firspass.c call to vp8_initialize_rd_consts()
    This was passing in vp8_dc_quant(cm->base_qindex, cm->y1dc_delta_q)
     instead of (cm->base_qindex + cm->y1dc_delta_q).
    It just so happens that for the value 26 used for cm->base_qindex in the
    unextended Q case,  the two give similar results. However, when using
    the extended Q range the two are very different.
    Also added more stats output and partly disabled another broken feature.
    Change-Id: Iddf6cf5ea8467c44b7c133f38e629f6ba6f2581e