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    Optimize vpx_quantize_{b,b_32x32} assembler. · 9cfba09a
    Geza Lore authored
    Added optimization of the 8 bit assembly quantizer routines. This makes
    these functions up to 100% faster, depending on encoding parameters.
    This patch maskes the encoder faster in both the high bitdepth and 8bit
    configurations. In the high bitdepth configuration, it effects profile 0
    Based on my profiling using 1080p input the net gain is between 1-3% for
    the 8 bit config, and around 2.5-4.5% for the high bitdepth config,
    depending on target bitrate. The difference between the 8 bit and high
    bitdepth configurations for the same encoder run is reduced by 1% in all
    cases I have profiled.
    Change-Id: I86714a6b7364da20cd468cd784247009663a5140
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