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    Decide the partitioning threshold from the variance histogram · 9d41313e
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Before encoding a frame, calculate and store each 16x16 block's
    variance of source difference between last and current frame.
    Find partitioning threshold T for the frame from its variance
    histogram, and then use T to make partition decisions.
    Comparing with fixed 16x16 partitioning, rtc set test showed an
    overall psnr gain of 3.242%, and ssim gain of 3.751%. The best
    psnr gain is 8.653%.
    The overall encoding speed didn't change much. It got faster for
    some clips(for example, 12% speedup for vidyo1), and a little
    slower for others.
    Also, a minor modification was made in datarate unit test.
    Change-Id: Ie290743aa3814e83607b93831b667a2a49d0932c
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