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    Avoid Visual Studio compile error in loopfilter · a1befa51
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    If you have a structure, foo_t, with an alignment request then Visual
    Studio won't allow you to declare a function
      void use_foo(foo_t x);
    The reasoning is that x might be passed on the stack, and their ABI
    doesn't allow them to guarantee that x is aligned appropriately. More
    strangely, this isn't allowed either:
     void use_some_foos(foo_t x[10]);
    This is functionally equivalent to:
     void use_windows_foos(foo_t *x);
    (except that you can't tell how long the array should be from the
    function signature).
    Since Visual Studio is supposed to allow the latter form, use that
    Change-Id: Icd449fc1058606fa7e48a6f791091bbb42a73b2c
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