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    Fix dist_8x8 broken with 3bce7547 · a4817a6b
    Yushin Cho authored
    The commit 3bce7547 has introduced an another early-exit based on MSE distortion
    in transform domain, which enables skipping trellis coding and
    calling av1_dist_block() in block_rd_txfm() and skipping trellis coding in av1_tx_block_rd_b().
    However, with dist-8x8, the early-exit for sub8x8 tx block in a partition >= 8x8 in plane 0
    is disabled because that the reference distortion metric
    (which would be non-MSE and applied to 8x8 or larger) can not be compared to
    MSE distortions of sub8x8 tx blocks.
    Change-Id: I46ada7c90a869d23fc0f0166a01dfdc5392af311