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    Improve rdopt decisions for ext-inter · ac37fa3d
    David Barker authored
    Relative to previous ext-inter:
    lowres: -0.177%
         or -0.029% (with USE_RECT_INTERINTRA = 0)
    * When predicting interintra modes, the previous code did not provide
      the intra predictor with the correct context during rdopt. Add an
      explicit 'ctx' parameter to the relevant functions, to provide this
      This fixes a nondeterminism bug, which was causing test failures in
    * For rectangular blocks, build_intra_predictors_for_interintra needs
      to overwrite part of the context buffer in order to set up the
      correct context for intra prediction. We now restore the original
      contents afterwards.
    * Add a flag to enable/disable rectangular interintra prediction;
      disabling improves encoding speed but reduces BDRATE improvement.
    Change-Id: I7458c036c7f94df9ab1ba0c7efa79aeaa7e17118
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