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    ivfdec: webm reader support · ad252daf
    John Koleszar authored
    This patch enables ivfdec to decode WebM files. WebM demuxing is
    provided by the Matthew Gregan's Nestegg library.
    This patch also makes minor changes to the timebase->framerate
    handling when doing Y4M output. For WebM files, the framerate is
    guessed by looking at the first second of video. For IVF files,
    the timebase=1/(2*fps) hack is still in place, but is only used
    if the timebase denominator is less than 1000. This is in anticipation
    of change I8d25b5b, which introduces the distinction between
    framerate and timebase to ivfenc. In the case of high resolution
    timebases, like 100ns, we would have to guess the framerate
    like we do for WebM, but since WebM support in ivfenc will
    deprecate IVF output, we just assume 30fps rather than writing the
    lookahead code.
    Change-Id: I1dd8600f13bf6071533d2816f005da9ede4f60a2