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    New experiment: LGT · ad8290b8
    Lester Lu authored
    In previous ADSTs, DST-7 and DST-4 are used for length 4 and length
    8/16/32, respectively. In this LGT experiment we explore transforms
    between DST-4 and DST-7. When CONFIG_LGT flag is on, adst4 and adst8
    are replaced by lgt4 and lgt8, the intermediate transforms with
    pre-chosen parameters.
    The LGTs applied here are lgt4_160 and lgt8_170, where the numbers
    mean the self-loop weights times 100. The associated values for DST-7
    and DST-4 are 100 and 200.
    lowres: -0.140
    midres: -0.131
    hdres: -0.078
    These changes are not applied to the highbd scenario in the
    current version.
    Change-Id: I20600456da8766528b2b6b11aa28801e70af498e