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    Increase border size from 96 to 160. · b02c4d36
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    This is required because upon downscaling, if a motion vector points
    partially into the UMV (e.g. all minus 1 of 64+7 pixels, i.e. 70),
    then we can point up to 140 pixels into the larger-resolution (2x)
    reference buffer UMV, which means the UMV for reference buffers in
    downscaling needs to be 140 rounded up to the nearest multiple of 32,
    i.e. 160.
    Longer-term, we should probably handle the UMV differently by detecting
    edge coverage on-the-fly and using a temporary buffer for edge extensions
    instead of adding 160 pixels on all sides of the image (which means a
    CIF image uses 3x its own area size for borders).
    Change-Id: I5184443e6731cd6721fc6a5d430a53e7d91b4f7e