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    Add psnr/ssim tuning option · b0da9b39
    John Koleszar authored
    Add a new encoder control, VP8E_SET_TUNING, to allow the application
    to inform the encoder that the material will benefit from certain
    tuning. Expose this control as the --tune option to vpxenc. The args
    helper is expanded to support enumerated arguments by name or value.
    Two tunings are provided by this patch, PSNR (default) and SSIM.
    Activity masking is made dependent on setting --tune=ssim, as the
    current implementation hurts speed (10%) and PSNR (2.7% avg,
    10% peak) too much for it to be a default yet.
    Change-Id: I110d969381c4805347ff5a0ffaf1a14ca1965257