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    Fix wrong place of setting dst with PVQ in intra 4x4 · b27a17f2
    Yushin Cho authored
    With PVQ, the dst buffer should be initialized as zero
    before av1_inv_txfm_add_*() is called.
    This bug seems introduced during resolving conflicts
    when nextgenv2 was merged.
    BD-Rate change:
                    PSNR  PSNR-HVS  SSIM  CIEDE 2000  MS SSIM
    subset1-mono    -0.25 -0.25     -0.23 -0.26       -0.23
    objective1-fast -0.17 -0.26     -0.14 -0.04       -0.18
    Change-Id: I7c6b793ba0aa5f1e3d419312cbbe5c207a68f1f8
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