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    Add the speed feature structure for codec dev · b49c6aea
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit re-structures the speed feature setup for the codec
    development purpose. Instead of progressively reducing encoder
    complexity at the expense of incremental coding loss, we allow a
    separate set of speed features, each corresponds to a certain
    category of coding units:
    1 << 0: transform coding
    1 << 1: inter prediction
    1 << 2: intra prediction
    1 << 3: block partition
    1 << 4: loop filters
    1 << 5: rd early skip
    [6 - 7] are left open for next adjustment.
    It is constructed to facilitate the codec development purpose.
    When working on a coding functions, one could choose to turn on
    one or more less related coding units to speed up the evaluation
    process. For example, to test a transform related experiment, one
    could set
    --dev-sf=2, 6, or 22
    which corresponds to turning on:
    2 - inter prediction speed features,
    6 - both inter / intra speed features,
    22 - inter / intra, and loop filter features.
    The goal is to allow faster experimental verification during the
    development process. With the experiment in a stable state, we
    can evaluate its performance in speed 0 at higher confidence level.
    Change-Id: Ib46c7dea2d2a60204c399dc01f10262c976adf0d
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