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    Fix for Encode/Decode mistmatch EXT_REFS · b5e845bb
    Luc Trudeau authored
    In av1/av1_cx_iface.c the encoder_encode function loops over calls made
    to av1_get_compressed_data(). If the show_existing_frame flag is set,
    the frame has already been flushed and the av1_twopass_postencode_update
    function already incremented gf group index. The loop must exit, or else
    the superframe might contain multiple shown frames. This causes a
    mismatch in the test_decode function in that
    av1_cx_iface.c:ctrl_get_new_frame_image will return the frame at
    last_show_frame_buf_idx whereas, av1_dx_iface.c:ctrl_get_new_frame_image
    will return cm->frame_to_show
    Change-Id: I0765048be9bd04936e080db119b54c4050019bff