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    Fix bug in highbd wedge-interintra prediction · b746c3b7
    David Barker authored
    When calling aom_(highbd_)blend_a64_mask for a subsampled plane,
    the mask is subsampled in-place. This means that the mask stride
    passed in needs to be the value before subsampling. Since the
    wedge masks are set up so that mask stride = mask width, this means
    that the stride should equal the width of the current mi block.
    However, for the wedge-interintra path in combine_interintra_highbd,
    we subsampled the mask stride, resulting in the wrong stride being
    used for chroma planes if subsampling_x == 1.
    The lowbd path already uses the correct stride, so this patch just
    copies the stride calculation over to the highbd path.
    Change-Id: I08a4120b11a38912c45d9e637a54e009eddd88ec
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