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    Balancing coef-tree to reduce bool decodes · b8b3f1a4
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    This patch changes the coefficient tree to move the EOB to below
    the ZERO node in order to save number of bool decodes.
    The advantages of moving EOB one step down as opposed to two steps down
    in the other parallel patch are: 1. The coef modeling based on
    the One-node becomes independent of the tree structure above it, and
    2. Fewer conext/counter increases are needed.
    The drawback is that the potential savings in bool decodes will be
    less, but assuming that 0s are much more predominant than 1's the
    potential savings is still likely to be substantial.
    Results on derf300: -0.237%
    Change-Id: Ie784be13dc98291306b338e8228703a4c2ea2242