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    Move firstpass motion map to stats packet · bb7dd5b1
    John Koleszar authored
    The first implementation of the firstpass motion map for motion
    compensated temporal filtering created a file, fpmotionmap.stt,
    in the current working directory. This was not safe for multiple
    encoder instances. This patch merges this data into the first pass
    stats packet interface, so that it is handled like the other
    (numerical) firstpass stats.
    The new stats packet is defined as follows:
        Numerical Stats (16 doubles) -- 128 bytes
        Motion Map                   -- 1 byte / Macroblock
        Padding                      -- to align packet to 8 bytes
    The fpmotionmap.stt file can still be generated for debugging
    purposes in the same way that the textual version of the stats
    are available (defining OUTPUT_FPF in firstpass.c)
    Change-Id: I083ffbfd95e7d6a42bb4039ba0e81f678c8183ca