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    Add new convolve variant for loop-restoration · be6cc07d
    David Barker authored
    The convolve filters generated by loop_wiener_filter_tile
    are not compatible with some existing convolve implementations
    (they can have coefficients >128, sums of (certain subsets of)
    coefficients >128, etc.)
    So we implement a new variant, which takes a filter with 128
    subtracted from its central element and which adds an extra copy
    of the source just before clipping to a pixel (reinstating the
    128 we subtracted). This should be easy to adapt from the existing
    convolve functions, and this patch includes SSE2 highbd and
    SSSE3 lowbd implementations.
    Change-Id: I0abf4c2915f0665c49d88fe450dbc77b783f69e1
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