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    vp8: change build_intra4x4_predictors() to use vpx_dsp. · c26a9eca
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    I've added a few new functions (d45e, d63e, he, ve) to cover the
    filtered h/v 4x4 predictors that are vp8-specific, the "correct"
    d45 with the correctly filtered bottom-right pixel (as opposed to
    the unfiltered version in vp9), and the "broken" d63 with weirdly
    filtered bottom-right pixels (which is correctly filtered in vp9).
    There may be a minor performance impact on all systems because we
    have to do an extra copy of the Above pixel array to incorporate
    the topleft pixel in the same array (thus fitting the vpx_dsp API).
    In addition, armv6 will have a more serious performance impact b/c
    I removed the armv6/vp8-specific assembly. I'm not sure anyone
    Change-Id: I7f9e5ebee11d8e21aca2cd517a69eefc181b2e86
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