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    Rd thresholds change with block size. · c3316c2b
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Added structures to support independent rd thresholds
    for different block sizes (and set experimental block
    size correction factors).
    Added structure to to allow dynamic adaptation of thresholds
    per mode and per block size basis depending on how often
    the mode/block size combination is seen (currently fixed factor).
    Removed some unused variables.
    - Adaptation of thresholds based on how often each mode chosen.
    - The baseline mode values could also be adjusted based on
      the block size (e.g. for a particular intra mode use a low threshold
      for 4x4 prediction blocks but a relatively high value for 64x64.
    Change-Id: Iddee65ff3324ee309815ae7c1c5a8584720e7568