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    third_party/libwebm: pull from upstream · c3378771
    Vignesh Venkatasubramanian authored
    Pulling libwebm from upstream
    Changes from upstream:
    249629d make Mkv(Reader|Writer)(FILE*) explicit
    7f3cda4 mkvparser: fix a bunch of windows warnings
    5c06178 Merge "clang-format on mkvparser.[ch]pp"
    4df111e clang-format on mkvparser.[ch]pp
    7b24501 clang-format re-run.
    c6767b9 Change AlignTrailingComments to false in .clang-format
    9097a06 Merge "muxer: Reject file if TrackType is never specified"
    eddf974 Merge "clang-format on mkvmuxertypes.hpp and webmids.hpp"
    def325c muxer: Reject file if TrackType is never specified
    41f869c Merge "clang-format on webvttparser.(cc|h)"
    fd0be37 clang-format on webvttparser.(cc|h)
    207d8a1 Merge "clang-format on mkvmuxerutil.[ch]pp"
    02429eb Merge "clang-format on mkvwriter.[ch]pp"
    0cf7b1b Merge "clang-format on mkvreader.[ch]pp"
    2e80fed Merge "clang-format on sample.cpp"
    3402e12 Merge "clang-format on sample_muxer.cpp"
    1a685db Merge "clang-format on sample_muxer_metadata.(cc|h)"
    6634c7f Merge "clang-format on vttreader.cc"
    7566004 Merge "clang-format on vttdemux.cc"
    9915b84 clang-format on mkvreader.[ch]pp
    7437254 clang-format on mkvmuxertypes.hpp and webmids.hpp
    0d5a98c clang-format on sample_muxer.cpp
    e3485c9 clang-format on vttdemux.cc
    46cc823 clang-format on dumpvtt.cc
    5218bd2 clang-format on vttreader.cc
    1a0130d clang-format on sample_muxer_metadata.(cc|h)
    867f189 clang-format on sample.cpp
    4c7bec5 clang-format on mkvwriter.[ch]pp
    9ead078 clang-format on mkvmuxerutil.[ch]pp
    fb6b6e6 clang-format on mkvmuxer.[ch]pp
    ce77592 Update .clang-format to allow short functions in one line
    0a24fe4 Merge "Add support for DateUTC and DefaultDuration in MKV Muxer."
    11d5b66 Merge "Add .clang-format"
    a1a3b14 Add .clang-format
    0fcec38 Add support for DateUTC and DefaultDuration in MKV Muxer.
    Change-Id: Ia0ed161ffc3d63c2eba8ed145707ffe543617976
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