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    Intra prediction: Remove unused variants. · c3bcf3be
    Urvang Joshi authored
    Directional predictors for 45, 63 and 207 angle had 2 or 3 variants
    each, and only one of them was actually being used. So, removed the
    C, sse2, ssse3 and neon versions of the unused ones.
    Updates to the test:
    - test_intra_pred_speed was testing the unused versions, so changed
      it to use the version actually used by code. This meant updating
      some golden MD5 values.
    - test_intra_pred_speed was NOT filling up bottom-left and top-right
      pixels randomly, so the predictors using these pixels weren't tested
      properly. This was fixed.
    Change-Id: I09725d593408b81e0cd636e70a88c28eea5f2222
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