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    frame_superres: Add aomenc argument · c4e78942
    Fergus Simpson authored
    Adds "superres-mode" and "superres-numerator" arguments to configure
    superres scaling.
    There are only two modes right now: SUPERRES_FIXED and SUPERRES_DYNAMIC.
    0 sets the fixed mode and 1 sets the dynamic mode.
    For the fixed mode superres will scale to the provided numerator where
    possible. The cumulative scale change over resizing and superres is
    limited to 1/2, so it may have to back off.
    For the dynamic mode, the provided numerator will be used as the initial
    numerator. Asides from that it's just random for now.
    Change-Id: Ibae01c77abba2599fbf51096459d09ddca458d4f