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    Chessboard pattern partition search · ca2dcb7f
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit enables a chessboard pattern constrained partition
    search for 720p and above resolutions. The scheme applies stricter
    partition search to alternative blocks based on its above/left
    neighboring blocks' partition range, as well as that of the
    collocated blocks in the previous frame. It is currently turned
    on at 16x16 block size level. The chessboard pattern is flipped
    per coding frame.
    The speed 3 runtime is reduced:
    park_joy_1080p, 652832 ms -> 607738 ms (7% speed-up)
    pedestrian_area_1080p, 215998 ms -> 200589 ms (8% speed-up)
    The compression performance is changed:
    hd     -0.223%
    stdhd  -0.295%
    Change-Id: I2d4d123ae89f7171562f618febb4d81789575b19
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