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    add 8x8 intra prediction modes · ca6b85aa
    Yaowu Xu authored
    Patch 1 to Patch 3 is an initial implementation of 8x8 intra prediction
    modes, here are with the following assumptions:
    a. 8x8 has 4 prediction modes DC, H, V and TM
    b. UV 4x4 block use the same mode as corresponding 8x8 area
    c. i8x8 modes are enabled for key frame only for now
    Patch 4:
    d. removed debug code from previous patches
    Patch 5:
    e. added stats code to collect entropy stats and further cleaned up
    Patch 6:
    f. changed mode stats code to collect finer stats of modes
    Patch 7:
    g. normalized i8x8 modes distribution to total at 256 (8bits).
    Patch 8:
    h. fixed a bug in decoder and removed debug printf output.
    Patch 9:
    i. more cleanups to address paul's comment
    Patch 10:
    j. messy rebase/merges to bring the commit up to date.
    Tests on HD clips encoded with all key frame showing consistent gain
    on all clips and all metrics:~0.5%(psnr) and 0.6%(ssim):
    To build and test, configure with:
    --enable-experimental --enable-i8x8
    Change-Id: I9813fe07ae48cab5fdb5d904bca022514ad01e7f