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    Improves subpixel reference mv evaluation · cc9c637d
    Yaowu Xu authored
    Previously, in evaluating reference motion vectors, MVs are always
    rounded to integer pixel position and SADs are calculated.  This
    commit takes into account the subpixel portion of the mvs, and uses
    bilinear interpolation to produce reference pixel values in subpixel
    postions. In addition, SSE is used in place of SAD. Pixels used are
    16x2 above and 2x16 to the left.
    This commmit intends to test the potential of this line of work in
    term of compression improvement, obviously, the change would increase
    decoder complexity significantly.
    Test results
    std-hd: 1.738%(avg) 1.779%(glb), 1.663%(ssim)
    derf: 0.472%(avg) 0.477%(glb), 0.418%(ssim)
    Change-Id: I3ae1b098f6289df78891134d9a5e4bb2fde87a0b
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