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    Update encoder mb_skip_coeff and prob_skip_false calculation · ce42e79a
    Attila Nagy authored
    mode_info_context->mbmi.mb_skip_coeff has to always reflect the
    existence or not of coeffs for a certain MB. The loopfilter needs this
    mb_skip_coeff is either set by the vp8_tokenize_mb or has to be set to
    1 when the MB is skipped by mode selection. This has to be done
    regardless of the mb_no_coeff_skip value.
    prob_skip_false is needed just when mb_no_coeff_skip is 1. No need to
    keep count of both skip_false and skip_true as they are complementary
    (skip_true+skip_false = total_mbs)
    Change-Id: I3c74c9a0ee37bec10de7bb796e408f3e77006813