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    Rate control on static scenes plus Y2dc delta Q fix. · cf561bad
    Paul Wilkins authored
    A problem can arise on static clips with force key frames where
    attempts to avoid popping lead to a progressive reduction in key
    frame Q that ultimately may lead to unexpected overspend against
    the  rate target.
    The changes in this patch help to insure that in such clips the
    quality of the key frames across the clip is more uniform (rather
    than starting bad and getting better - especially at low target rates).
    This patch also includes a fix that removes a delta on the Y2DC
    when the baseline q index < 4 as this is no longer needed.
    There is also a fix to try and prevent repeat single step Q adjustment in
    the recode loop leading to lots of recodes, especially where the use
    of forced skips as part of segmentation has made the impact of Q on
    the number of bits generated much smaller.
    Patch 2: Amend "last_boosted_qindex" calculation for arf overlay frames.
    Change-Id: Ia1feeb79ed8ed014e4239994fcf5e58e68fd9459
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