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    Speed up inter frame rate-distortion optimization · cf842ad2
    Jingning Han authored
    The frame marker system supports one to map the reference frame
    index into the natural order. It allows direct checking on the
    efficacy of the reference frames given their relative locations
    with respect to the current coding frame.
    This commit uses such property to filter out reference frames
    less likely to contribute coding gains from the rate-distortion
    optimization process. For example, it takes out the check on
    last2 / 3 frames, when their actual location is further away
    from the golden frame.
    The AWCY results show 0.6% performance regression. The encoding
    speed gets doubled.
    To use the speed up, one needs to turn on frame-marker experiment
    before we turn it on by default, and enable selective_ref_frame
    entry in the speed feature.
    Change-Id: Ifb03ed90acd980bbc7ff1c2e17982e21e68d2588