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    Add the new coding tool "speed_refs" · d1ac0321
    Zoe Liu authored
    This patch will not cause any performance change regardless of whether
    speed_refs is on or off.
    This coding tool is targeted to speed up the encoder side reference
    frame selection process. The essential idea is to have two scanning
    passes for each superblock of size 64x64 and this CL lays out the
    initial framework but no reference frame selection is done yet:
    First scanning pass - To simplify the partition and the mode
    candidates (e.g. considering nearestmv / nearmv / zeromv only) and
    identify the best reference frame prediction candidates;
    Second scanning pass - Use the best reference frame candidate(s)
    obtained from the first pass to encode the current superblock.
    Change-Id: I11266d468de3077271a5e866eebd341a8014d136
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