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    Modify storing and using of the temporal frame MVs · d1d511f3
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Add an experiment "tmp", which includes:
    1. Always use larger block size while storing frame MVs and make
    it consistent for CB4X4 or non-CB4X4 cases. Namely, use 8x8 for
    4x4 mi size and 16x16 for 8x8 mi size.
    2. Allocate smaller buffer for frame MVs and save memory usage.
    3. Use nearby 8x8 or 16x16 location's previous frame MVs, and make
    the logic simple.
    4. Reduce the number of copying for frame MVs, that is very costly
    in decoder.
    Baseline decoder got 5+% speedup. Borg test on lowres set showed a
    +0.009% PSNR difference before/after the patch.
    Change-Id: I61e14e95fd35bea88f338931b4f43c44f4e4cf1f