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    Remove sample sorting in warped motion sample selection · d3c13e88
    Yunqing Wang authored
    The original sample selection process involves finding best 8 sorted
    samples according to motion vector difference(MVD) between neighbor
    block and current block, and then trimming samples. To reduce the
    complexity, use the current block width/height as the MVD threshold,
    and trim the samples without sorting.
    This gives slightly less gain than the original method.
    AWCY result:
             PSNR   PSNR HVS   SSIM
    Average  -0.07   -0.13     -0.12
    Borg test result:
                 avg_psnr ovr_psnr ssim
    cam_lowres:  -0.112   -0.112  -0.180
    lowres:      -0.068   -0.073  -0.125
    Change-Id: Ic2f79a170441d5bcb04ea87dddf490ef7fbba8bc
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